The Basque Coast


It’s nicknamed French California for good reason: the breath-taking ocean and the coast made of rocks, sand and waves, is closely likened to the cliffs of the Western United States.

Called Costa Vasca in Spanish, it extends from the moors to Spain and is home to many seaside resorts and towns along its coastline. Bayonne, Biarritz, Saint Jean Luz, San Sebastian. All very different but full of charm. This country draws its inspiration from the harmonious contrasts between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees.

After harmony comes movement. First, the water, the movement of the waves. And then human beings – surfers and sunbathers lulled by the movement of the sea. Here everything is constantly buzzing, and beginning with your first stay on the Basque Coast you will feel it. Once you experience it, it’s like a drug, you’ll want more, and you can no longer live without it.

The Basque Country is harmony in motion that gives you the thirst to live there. A country with strong character, just like its people, which is at first glance surprising and then extremely pleasing.

It is also a place of encounters – a fisherman on the dike of Guethary, a pelotari playing bare hand on one of the many pediments of the villages, a surfer riding the waves, a pottok pony along a hiking trail, a pilgrim on the way to Saint Jacques. All generations live, meet up, and coexist perfectly there.

Visitors come for its beaches, its waves, its love for life, its authenticity and its cultural vibrancy. Between the traces of its ancestral heritage and contemporary life.

From hikes on the GR10 to the golf courses with views of the sea, to the many local festivals, business tourism, and even famous thalassotherapy spas, the Basque country lives life year-round.


Basque Coast, France. Google maps view